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The mighty RPM Build lab

In my first experience of building an RPM. I did not have any idea what I was up against. The process looked easy, however, when we actually began to configure the spec file, then it showed its real face. I am also writing this blog very late and I hope Chris would consider this, I had to take some time out for this to do my research and actually know what is going on.

To begin, I issued the commands to install Fedora Packager and  yum utils.
After that was done, I followed the steps outlined in the lab up until it told us to work on the SPEC file which I had no idea how to configure. I embarked on a journey of research and got to know a bit about SPEC how it functions, what are the common macros and what are the common issues in making a SPEC file.

The Packages that I had to build were "less" and "grep".

Building RPM for less: In order to get information on less I issued the command

               rpm -qi less

and that gave me some information that I can use in my…