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ASUS RT N16 + OpenWRT + nodogsplash = WiFi Hotspot (For beginners)

1.                  Make sure you are directly connected to the router through a cable
·         Take an ethernet cable from your ASUS modem and plug it into your pc/laptop

2.                   Now access your modem by going into the browser and typing:
·         Go to administration tab and click on Firmware upgrade/update
NOTE: Please use internet explorer for all of these configurations. There are some issues reported in other browsers.
3.                   You will have to load a DD-WRT basic image first to load the openWRT image. You cannot directly load openWRT image for some reason I dont know of
4.                   Once the image is downloaded just click on browse on the ASUS firmware upgrade page and browse to the DDWRT image and upload it

5.                   router will restart and it will ask you to set a root username and password. Just set anything, you won't be using ddwrt for very long.

6.                   Now download the working openWRT image for RTN16 from here:
·         Download the image named "openwrt-brcm47xx-mips74k-squashfs.trx"

7.                   Now access your routers website again:

8.                   Go to Administration -> Firmware Upgrade/Update

9.                   Browse to the squash.trx image and upload it. Router will restart by itself.

10.               OpenWRT does not come with the a Web User Interface, and using it is pretty much optional.
We will be installing a WEB UI just to make things easier.

11.               Open a command prompt sessions (cmd, can be opened by searching for cmd in start menu)

12.               type : telnet

13.               Now you should be connected to your router.

14.               Now take an ethernet cable from your Rogers modem and plug it into the WAN port at the back of your ASUS router(This should give your router internet access)

15.              Type these commands in the terminal
·         opkg update
·         opkg install luci
·         opkg upgrade libuci uci libc opkg busybox base-files dnsmasq libiptc dropbear mtd wl libgcc ppp wlc

16.              Now install NodogSplash
·         opkg install nodogsplash

17.              Configure uhtppd daemon to work on port 8080 (so you can access luci even when you are not authorized to go the internet)
·         vi /etc/config/uhttpd
·         replace line "list listen_http             " with "list listen_http"

18.              Configure nodogsplash
·         There is a lot of options with nodogsplash, I did not change much except that I modified the redirect URL, so if the client gets the splash page and he/she authenticates, instead of going to the website they wanted to go, it will redirect them to the URL I want them to go, then they can server all the internet they want.
·         vi /etc/nodogsplash/nodogsplash.conf
·         you can change the value of "RedirectURL" to the website if you want to the redirection, otherwise leave it.
·         One thing you must do is add port 8080 to firewall rule. Look for "for administration from the GatewayInterface.  If not,  # comment these out."
·         add below port 443 this line "FirewallRule allow tcp port 8080"

19.              Start uhttpd and nodogsplash daemon
·         /etc/init.d/uhttpd enable
·         /etc/init.d/uhttpd start
·         /etc/init.d/nodogsplash enable
·         /etc/init.d/nodogsplash start

20.              Open your web browser and type ""

21.              Go to Network > WiFi and click on enable.

22.              Now if you connect through wifi you will get the default splash page that comes with nodogsplash. If you dont get it then restart the nodogsplash service by /etc/init.d/nodogsplash stop
            /etc/init.d/nodogsplash start

If you want to modify the splash page, which you most like would want to, then you can do so by vi /etc/nodogsplash/htdocs/splash.html
you can write your own html code there.
Let me know in the comments bar for any questions.



  1. Hi There!
    I'm wondering if you can help me to set up nodogslpash on my access point, not a router (using open wrt)
    I have already falshed the device with the firmware, installed nodogsplash and configured id, but i have a problem, cause i'm using a static IP for my access point (dhcp disabled), and thats why it doesnt work. How can i setup this? It is a simple access point, no router.
    do you have a mailadress, i can write to you? I'd be glad to hear from you. thanks in advance

  2. Hey Bernhard,
    I havent configured it on an Access Point as I was doing wifi hotspots for relatively small resturants. However, It should be possible, did you have a look at this document yet?

    I might be able to find a tutorial for you. No need to email blog comments get to my email directly.

    1. Hallo!
      Yes, i found this yesterday night, but i think i am overwhelmed with this.i just started with this a few days ago, never heard about open wrt before, and sorry for some english mistakes in my writing, usualy i speak german
      This is also for my little restaurant, and i just want to add a splash screen for my guests, they should accept some Terms and conditions to avoid problems with the law in my country ( no illegal downloads and so on...).
      It works fine, but only when i go to the ip of the router, the splash screen comes up, as a new connected wifi client. other pages is try to surf first, no spash screen, thats why i think, the problem is the static adress of my access point.
      I never worked with linux commands before, and i don't need any ip tables or rules, all i need is a forcedtimeout, and this also works with my nodogsplash config file( i can test it only with the ip of the AP;-(.

      The tutorial tells me the way it should work but for example i don' know how to set this dns forwarder or how to insert the mentioned line with the iptables rule. for a pro this is easy i think.

      i think its just s few last steps to get it working how i need it, but i'm stuck of it afer 2 nights of try and error.
      in the open wrt forum, i think they don't want to help beginners, i already startet a thread there, please have a look, i described my current situation very exactly

      best regrads from Austria


      sorry, i forgot to insert the link to my thread

    3. hmm so let me get your situation

      1) You have a router provided by your ISP
      2) You have an access point TP link, whic CAN NOT function as a router? ( a router can have its own ssid and route traffic, have a dhcp server and stuff)
      3) You have configured nodogsplash on TPLINK and you want the splash screen if the users connect to your ISP's router through your Access point.

      If above is the case, lemme do some research I think I can come up with something.

    4. Actually, send me the model of your TP link

    5. Its a TP-Link TL-WA901ND, with installed OpenWrt Attitude Adjustment 12.09
      thanks in advance, and yes, it's exacty like you describe. i thought to set up the same, like before without open wrt.
      router of ISP hast, DHCP enabled of course, and the access point hast, dhcp disabled

      In the edscription of nodogsplash its says:
      Nodogsplash offers a simple way to open a free hotspot providing restricted access to an internet connection. It is intended for use on wireless access points running OpenWRT (but may also work on other Linux-based devices).

      So wireless accesspoints, thats what i have, no router.
      Is it wrong to set a stati ip for the tp-link?

      thanks in advance and good night

    6. As far as my understanding goes ( I could be wrong)
      If you enable DHCP on a different range of IPs on your AP. Then the users getting IP address from AP would have nodogsplash rules applied on them (splash screen and stuff)
      However, if you have dhcp in your ISP's router then its rolling out IPs and taking care of the access. I dont think nodogsplash rules on your AP will apply for the internet access as the users are getting IP from your ISPs router. Unless you configure nodogsplash on your ISPs router I dont think what your'e trying to achieve will work with your setup.

  3. buy a cheap router then configure nodogsplash on it. This ASUS is about $100 here in Canada, I don't know about Austria


    At the bottom, there is a situation, i am still trying, i won't give up;-)
    but some points i don't understand, do i have to create a new interface or just a new ssid ?
    too late now for me i have to go to bed,

  5. Hi, I want to edit splash.html using login social like facebook or google.
    Can you help me


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