Sunday, 17 November 2013

RPM SIgning lab - SBR600

Followed the tutorial on the website:

executed the command gpg --key-gen,
it asked me a bunch of questions and at the end it created the RSA public key.
pub   2048R/FA60C533 2013-11-17 [expires: 2014-01-16]

after this, i just navigated to where I had my RPMS and signed it using this command

#rpm --addsign less-451-1.fc18.i686.rpm
Enter pass phrase:
Pass phrase is good.

here is a link to my signed RPM

[hitman@localhost i686]$ rpm --addsign grep-2.9-1.fc18.i686.rpm
Enter pass phrase:
Pass phrase is good.
[hitman@localhost i686]$

Here is a link to my signed RPMs:


Created the gpg key by issuing the command

gpg --export --armour > gpgkey.txt

gpgkey.txt can be viewed here

GPG is a very handy tool, probably the only tool i know that can encrypt files, maybe there are others, however, this was pretty easy to use.

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